A Focus On Compassion And Care

December 21st, 2017

In an ongoing effort to give our members a little bit of an inside look at the people who make up Liberty HealthShare, today we continue our occasional series of "human interest" stories.

We hope this helps you feel a bit more connected to us and the heartbeat of the work we do each day. Each member of our staff is grateful for the opportunity to serve you in their individual capacities.

Tim DeWees is Liberty's Chief Technology Officer in the Information Technology department. We recently asked him to tell us about his work, motivation, and interests, and he graciously took the time to answer.

How long have you worked for Liberty HealthShare?

Two years.

What industry did you work in before coming to Liberty?

Mostly insurance and finance, with a background in IT consulting before that.

What made you think Liberty would be a good fit for you?

Having worked for one large corporation after another for close to 20 years, I was feeling a bit frustrated with chasing profit margins and shareholder appeasement. After much prayer and consultation with my wife and family, I decided it would be best to trust in Christ and look for employment that aligned with mine and my family’s Christian values.

About 30 seconds after making that decision, I received a phone call from a recruiter who was hiring for a “small” Christian organization in Canton, Ohio, about 10 miles from where I grew up. We knew our prayers had been answered.

What intrigued me about Liberty itself was the focus on compassion and care. When I worked for insurance companies in the past, all interaction with the customer was done from the perspective of honoring the contract. The person and their journey had very little weight in deciding anything.

The leadership of Liberty HealthShare turns that model on its head and does their best to treat their members like family. My first day there I was in a meeting where we talked about what was the “best thing for the member."

Additionally, opening meetings in prayer, singing “Silent Night” before going home early on Christmas Eve, and the generally kind and caring nature of everyone I worked with made me feel great about the people and organization where I worked.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Other than the responding to the copious amounts of emails I receive, attending meetings, and the coffee I drink, the majority of my day is divided into a few high-level tasks.

First, we are working on some major system overhauls brought on by our aggressive growth over the past several years. The work is hard, complicated, and the equivalent of rebuilding the motor of your vehicle while driving it down the highway, which is what makes it engaging and exciting.

Second, again due to our aggressive growth, we are in the middle of setting up a new office location and more robust enterprise network and phone system. Doing this while maintaining existing operations is what makes this task just as challenging as the first.

Finally, I love building and growing teams and helping individuals reach their potential. I try to dedicate a portion of my day to spending time with people on my team, getting to know them personally, understanding their goals and ambitions, and helping them along the path toward achieving them.

What is the best part of your job?

I love working with the business groups, understanding problems, and working with my team to build solutions. Troubleshooting and problem-solving are what first got me hooked on technology as a career path and working with my team to that end is highly rewarding.

Are there any member stories that have impacted you or are a particularly proud moment for you?

I am always moved when our members share their stories with us. I can recall a few stories of members experiencing tragic events (loss of loved ones, children, and personal injury) and asking for prayer from our Member Services department. Prayer is such a powerful tool in our lives and to be brought into the life of someone who is currently struggling is very moving for me.

What else would you like people to know about you? How do you spend your spare time?

I’m married with three children (ages 19, 18, and 11), three dogs, two goats, and 15 chickens. My wife and I are still very much in love and enjoy being outside together working on farm projects and spending time with our family.

For hobbies, I love to hunt and ride motorcycles. I have played the guitar for 26 years and currently play guitar on my church worship team.

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