3 Simple Ways Sharing Members Care for Each Other

July 15th, 2021

Healthsharing members care for each other in meaningful ways. Here are three ways that our members care for one another.

Remain committed to the sharing process

Our healthsharing members understand that their commitment to our sharing community is the foundation of our ability to support one another in times of need. Being a responsible healthsharing member requires effort and commitment, but it is also a freeing way to care for your health and support the health of others within your community.

Explain what healthsharing is to your providers

When you talk to your provider and explain that you are a self-pay patient and a member of an active, healthy sharing community, you are doing your part to ensure that healthsharing is a viable option in the future. It’s essential to build rapport and relationships with your medical team. When providers support healthsharing, healthcare discounts and requested CPT codes are more easily accessible.

Do your part in keeping healthcare costs low

Much like in your local community, in our healthsharing community, your actions have a ripple effect that can positively or negatively impact others. Healthsharing members who make thoughtful, deliberate healthcare decisions help make the sharing process more efficient for everyone.

Here’s how you can help: Search and compare medical services early. Anticipate and budget for emergency medical needs, communicate openly with your providers, and always give us a call if you have questions about your membership.

Receiving the best price before you schedule a medical service helps keep costs low for you and your fellow healthsharing members.