2021 Sharing Guidelines Changes

January 14th, 2021

Every year we review and assess our Sharing Guidelines to ensure we are helping our community to conserve our shared resources and make necessary changes to meet the needs of our member community. 

This year, Liberty HealthShare has determined that the following guideline changes will help our members steward their health and enjoy the option of healthsharing.

Chiropractic Treatment Guideline

We are proud that Liberty HealthShare is one of the few healthsharing ministries where members share into one another’s chiropractic care. The following chiropractic guidelines are effective March 1, 2021.

  • Up to 12 visits per membership year may be eligible for sharing.
  • Up to $75 per visit may be eligible for sharing.
  • Chiropractic visits are subject to the AUA.
  • Any medical service performed by a chiropractor will count toward total eligible visits.
  • Prenotification will be required for eligibility for more than 12 chiropractic visits.

How the changes help our sharing members: Because the cost and length of treatment can vary widely for chiropractic care, this updated guideline provides continued sharing eligibility in chiropractic care for our healthsharing community, while helping to ensure associated expenses are reasonable.

Wellness Screening and Wellness Visits

Preventative care is important for good health and our sharing community is committed to helping our members care for their health. The following wellness guidelines are effective March 1, 2021.

Wellness Visit

  • After the first two months of membership, an annual preventative wellness visit and related lab work for which there are no medical symptoms or diagnosis in advance are eligible for sharing.
  • Preventative visits are eligible for sharing, up to a maximum of $400 of the fair and reasonable charges.
  • Well baby visits including immunizations are eligible for sharing within the first 13 months after birth and NOT subject to the AUA or the two-month waiting period.
  • Any new condition based on symptoms discussed during your preventative wellness visit and any additional diagnostics or labs that are ordered to determine treatment are shareable according to LHS guidelines and ARE subject to the AUA.
  • Liberty Select Program Exception: Wellness visit, related lab work and preventative screenings are eligible for sharing up to a maximum of $400 per membership year and NOT subject to the AUA.

Wellness Screenings

The following preventative screenings are NOT subject to the AUA:

  • Screening pap smears are eligible for sharing once every year.
  • Screening mammograms, PSA tests, and Cologard® are eligible for sharing once every two years up to and including age forty-nine (49).
  • Screening mammograms, PSA tests, and Cologard® are eligible for sharing once every year for members fifty (50) years of age and older.

The following screenings are eligible for sharing and ARE subject to the AUA:

  • Screening colonoscopies and bone density screenings.
  • Ultrasound/MRI/Thermogram screening conducted in lieu of a screening mammogram.
  • All diagnostic screenings.
  • Liberty Select Program Exception: Preventative screenings are eligible for sharing and included in the $400 maximum per membership year for wellness visit, related lab work and screenings and NOT subject to the AUA.

How these changes help our sharing members: Liberty HealthShare supports the health of our members by offering wellness and preventative care for sharing per our sharing guidelines. Wellness screenings are not subject to your AUA to allow you to receive cost-effective, preventative care. To protect our collective resources, some screenings will be subject to your AUA and remain shareable at a maximum cost.  


Our Liberty HealthShare community is committed to supporting the health and well-being of our growing families. The following maternity guidelines are effective March 1, 2021.

  • Mothers who have been a Sharing Member for at least six consecutive months prior to conception are eligible for sharing maternity expenses. (For new members effective March 1, 2021 and beyond).
  • Maternity sharing is limited to $125,000 per pregnancy (whether for a single or multiple birth pregnancy) and subject to the Annual Unshared Amount (AUA).

Eligible maternity expenses include: 

  • Physician care, hospital or birthing center admission, or home delivery accompanied by a certified midwife or physician.
  • Delivery by caesarean section that is medically necessary as determined by a physician.
  • Maternity expenses with a natural delivery but with complications that threaten the life of the mother or infant and requiring care or services not normally rendered at the time of delivery.
  • Lactation consultation is limited to two (2) post-partum visits in hospital.

Newborn expenses

  • Medical expenses for a newborn, circumcisions, congenital birth defects, and/or complications at the time of delivery, including but not limited to, premature birth, are treated as a separate incident, may be eligible for sharing and are subject to the AUA.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stays for newborns must be reported to the Prenotification department within 48 hours following admission.
  • The newborn must be added as a member within 30 days of the birth for eligible medical expenses to be shared.

Doula Services are NOT eligible for sharing.

Liberty Select Program Exception: Maternity expenses are not eligible for sharing for Liberty Select Members.

How these changes help our sharing members: Members are eligible for maternity expenses after they have been a sharing member for at least 6 months. This ensures that our sharing members are actively giving and receiving in their sharing community. Fair and reasonable expenses are shared per pregnancy, and incidents at the time of delivery may be eligible for sharing to support our maternity members.

It is important for our members to stay current with our most up-to-date Sharing Guidelines to be a good healthsharing member and active within our community.  The guidelines referenced above are a condensed version and our Sharing Guidelines can be found on our website at LibertyHealthShare.org. 

We value your membership and continued participation in our ministry.